Free Printable Gift Labels for Crocheted Christmas Dishcloths

I crocheted for years before I made my first dishcloth... now I cannot imagine my kitchen without one. Oodles of free patterns are available and you can make them as open or dense as you like... everyone has their own preference. Once you start using them you'll be hooked. Just be sure you use 100% cotton.

They make wonderful wee gifts and are easy to work on throughout the year when you have time for a small project or want a take-along to the office or in the car. They fit perfectly into a stocking; use a cute label and you won't even need to wrap them!

I print on kraft paper or kraft cardstock for a sturdier label. Set your printer to 'no margin' or 'full bleed' to get the border right out to the edges of your paper. Use the best quality printer and settings for a crisp label. I use my trusty rotary cutter, quilter's ruler and cutting mat to slice them apart but a paper cutter or scissors work fine. 

My labels are for personal use only. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful holiday season.



Click to enlarge and save to your computer.


  1. So sweet Tracy. So happy there are some of you out there left that know how to crochet. My grandmother crocheted up until she died at 100 years old. I wish I had learned this art but I did not sigh...
    Happy Holidays.

  2. Thank you Kris. I always smile when I crochet remembering both of my grandmas who were crochet queens. xo


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