Valentine Kisses

The monkey business has begun! Not to be outdone by Will
and his new job, Wilhelmina has her own enterprising idea.

Business has been a bit slow...

... then the competition moved in on her.

Baby monkey understands the concept of pricing very well.

I painted the kitchen walls last week and it's taking me some time to get things the way I'd like them. Kitchen kitsch doesn't happen on it's own and doesn't happen too fast when you're busy painting signs and crocheting sock monkey cruise wear. I discovered that with a few minor alterations, if you use a worsted weight yarn and H hook, Barbie patterns fit sock monkeys very well. Free bikini pattern here and Free sunhat pattern here. I crocheted the granny heart garland from the free pattern here at CraftyMinx.

I also learned something I got so excited about (it doesn't take much). I have long lamented the loss of the cents key...

If you're old enough to remember typing papers on a typewriter, you know what I mean. Well, in trying to find a cents sign I learned that I can hit OPTION 4 on my Mac keyboard and get a cents sign! Oh happy days. Not all fonts have them, but many do. (Sorry, it's not quite so easy on Windows).

Wilhelmina's exhausted after her one customer and is on a break now. Or maybe she ate too many cinnamon hearts. That is precisely why I avoided the Valentine Smarties or I'd be looking the same way. But in a different outfit.

Thanks for coming by!

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  1. THAT is adorable - you know I love your stagings!

  2. Ah, ha! I laughed so hard. That Wilhemina is so expressive and she looks really nice in front of a backdrop of yellow. Yay, you painted! It's amazing what you can do with yarn, and those signs are so adorable. I hope she gets some more customers.

    Above all, I cannot tell you how excited I am about the cents sign. Oh. My. Goodness! I have lamented the loss of the cents sign forever. I have often hit every key with every other key trying to find certain things on the keyboard, yet I never found the cents sign. Thank you! Thank you! I feel like I've gotten a long lost friend back. Now, I'll probably never need it, but I tell you, forever I've wanted that thing and wondered why they would get rid of it. You are a genius!


  3. she is soooo sweet in her little bikini, oh my gosh this is soooo good!

  4. Oh that is so funny. Love the back side of the bikini where her tail is. That doesn't sound nice but you know what I mean. So funny. Love your monkies.

  5. You think she is tired what about the nerdie boy tht had to kiss the beautiful model on the Super Bowl commercial.........hah, I thought that was gross.

  6. What?! Where are DB and Remy? Cheapskates. You'd think they could fork over a quarter or two to help a damsel in distress. And a hungry baby. Geesh.

    Well, if the whole kissing booth thing doesn't pan out, I see a bright future in the modeling world for Mina. She's already got a model's body. Long legs, long arms, long tail.....well the tail could be a bit of a problem with alterations and such, but I think it could be photoChopped.

    Very professional looking sign! Signs. Don't let Macy take them to school, if you know what I mean. Although.....if you're short on cash.....Wait a minute! Was that YOU holding the sign on the side of the road with a coffee can in the other arm to collect change? Shame on you! Just like the Atlanta Housewives, you've stolen Mina's idea. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

    Excellent photo styling on your part! I love your new yellow walls and the crocheted heart bunting. The sunhat looks to be just my size. And the bikini top, too. :)

    Thanks for the chuckle!


  7. I wish you could have heard my guffaw when I saw Wilhelmina in her bikini selling kisses. I adore your sense of humor!

  8. She is adorable. I love her red bikini. The sign is too cute. I can't wait to see what you 're up to in the kitchen!

  9. A bikini! In February. She is one brave girl.

    AND . . . you have made my day with the cents key info! ¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢! Yay for ¢!

    (BTW - I love your new blog header with the row of red rose trim. Darling.)


  10. That bikini is cracking me up! Does your husband think you're nuts for knitting monkey clothes? Alas, I am not a Mac person, so I still have no cent solution (or no sense if you ask some people).

  11. OMG!!!! Tracey Wilhemina is so so cute. You and Vickie crack me up with the monkeys. I can't wait to get mine. I think I will post something on my blog about her when I get her and see who can come up with a cute name for her!!!!! I am so excited. I feel like a little kid at Christmas.

  12. I vote the blog be renamed crowsfeet and monkey chic! Those monkeys have more clothes than I do.

  13. I came over from Liz (Quirky vistas) to find out about the cent sign. I love the sock monkeys - so cute. So what about Windows - where is that pesky cent sign?

  14. Tracy, Thanks so much for sharing this cute post at Simple & Sweet Fridays. Happy Valentine's Day to you and Wilhelmina!



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