2016 Halloween Apothecary

October means one thing around here... Halloween Apothecary.
No bottle is safe from a new homemade label and the Mod Podge.

It is in the same spot every year. Some things change, some don't. We have grown from our few bottles that we started making in 2010 to so many that our Apothecary stock has outgrown the cupboard and spilled everywhere. 

Apothecary Perch  #2. New this year featuring a wonderful old toolbox from a good friend and an old butter crate from a family friend. Most bottles were made in 2010 or 2011 here with a few new favourites.

Anglerfish Scales, Big Foot Dander, and Bat Navels are new creations that I love.

Who doesn't love a toad skelly and a set of lower teeth from a dental school?
(Still one of my favourite gifts ever from a friend who knows me well.)

Baby Bat Ribs BBQ Sauce is new this year, as well as the Pickled Jelly Fish Stingers, French Flys, and Bijon Frise Mustard. Last year's favourite is the Canadian Sasquatch Toe Lint (very hard to come by), the Maggots, and the Owl Pellets. Grade 8 science class was perfect for that filler.

Four more 'New for 2016' Apothecary additions. When you have more than twice as many Halloween storage totes than you do Christmas totes it may be time to seek help. Or move to Salem. I'm leaning towards the latter.

Thanks so much for stopping by. More Halloween decor posts to come when I get the Mod Podge off the keyboard.

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  1. LOL Tracy! Love all your creative and fun halloween bottles. Looks spooktacular for Halloween.

  2. Thanks so much Kris... don't have any in an all white Halloween look... yet. ;) xo

  3. Only one week to go until the BIG day! You've outdone yourself this year with your creative potion bottles and jars! Now I have to go back and read them all just for the silly factor. I hope the party is a success!

    1. Thanks Vickie. Your teeth, (well, not YOUR teeth, but you know what I mean) are still a favourite with everyone. I'll need to whip up a special potion for Saturday morning after the party... xo


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