Monday, November 21, 2011

Sweet Holiday Birds

Thanks again to Karen, The Graphics Fairy I have a little pre Christmas decor in my kitchen. I desaturated and printed her Christmas Tree music overlaid with the Christmasy Bird Tree and tied them onto an old book with the cover removed. The bells are attached with crochet cotton - so easy and so sweet.

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Friday, November 4, 2011

First Snowfall Decor

Just hours after I hung this 1860's Natural History print yesterday it started to snow... and it hasn't stopped. Like everything from Karen, The Graphics Fairy, it was free! Someday I want to paint on the reverse of this antique tray, but right now I'm loving the way these reindeer warm up the nook in our kitchen. This print is beautiful... there are soft aqua tones in the snow that you just can't appreciate on your monitor. Find the image here.


And after. It is good incentive to finish the three pane window.

This project was totally free. I printed the image at home on 13x19 matte photo paper and professionally slapped it onto the back of the tray with four teeny pieces of Scotch tape. Everything used I had on hand: photo paper, the reproduction antique ornaments, mason jar, dead ribbon grass from my garden, jute, and ribbon. 

My EAT sign was free too. Thanking Mother Nature for the snow and The Graphics Fairy for the Instant Art!

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