Witches Spell Book - Free Printable

Finally, I have updated and put together my Spell Book pages for you. Click on the PDF files below to download to your computer and if you need some vintage looking labels for your witch potion jars, please click the link to my store in the upper right or below.

My spell book pages are free for personal use only.

Original 2011 post

I have updated the graphics and resized the pages a bit. The individual pages are sized for a 6x9 page. The double page with crop marks is sized to fit my book; pages are 5.15x7. Measure your pages and you can increase or decrease the page sizes using the sizing feature on your printer.

Print on beige or vintage patterned scrapbook paper. I only had kraft cardstock on hand, so that is what I used today. I don't recommend it as it is a little stiff to mold to the book. I used ModPodge to adhere the pages and did not put another coat on top to seal.

I've included a cover image for your book. It may never be seen, but we know it's there. I included a clear version as well if you'd like to print on the paper that matches your potion recipe pages.

Please link directly to this post, do not repost or share. 

Thank you and Happy Halloween.




  1. How did you make the pages of the book this way? Like all the other pages?

  2. Hello i want to print but i dont find the pdf fille

  3. I may have missed it but how did you get the pages to be the way they are? just get them wet, and used water downed paint? I love the way it is.

  4. How silly am I? I just discovered comments on my dusty ole blog. I believe I need to toggle some notification thingie. Sigh

    I found the book in a thrift store... the original post is here: http://crowsfeetchic.blogspot.com/2011/10/witchs-spell-book-upcycle.html

    I hope that helps. I think there should be some DIY tutorials on Pinterest on making books like that. If I find one I'll let you know. Sorry for the delay!


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