Pinned It AND Made It.

If you're anything like me, you've got a little
Pin Love going on
and are doing more Pinning than making.

If I'm not crocheting or embroidering, I'm Pinning while watching TV at night when the other two Non-Pinners are in bed. Thankfully it would be too noisy do laundry, vacuum or dust (he he) at that hour.

The iPad makes it WAY too easy to Pin while relaxing...

One of my many Pins was this sweet camera strap cover. Since the fabric one I'd made about 4 years ago was past its prime (and worse -- not turquoise), this was my project the other night. You can find Carolyne's free pattern here.

I actually MADE something that I Pinned! I'm so excited.

I started this afghan last winter just before my mouse elbow developed due to poor ergonomics whilst on an intense multi-day genealogy search online. When it finally cleared up this winter I got to work finishing my first ever afghan. 

The pattern can be purchased here.

My rose is a bit small as I used up a tiny bit of cotton in my stash. Wu-hoo. Made a Pin AND didn't buy any yarn to make it. I'd better put a mark on the wall. This is a fast and easy project and the cotton is so comfy on the strap. I'm hoping that I'm starting a new trend... wish me luck.

P.S. Pop over to Kris' at JunkChicCottage for a peek at her new bikini clad sock monkey. Kris has a gorgeous home with so many perfect spots for monkey business. Guaranteed to make you smile.
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  1. Laughing I turn off the sound and can pin to my content and yeap, got a dresser staring at me.
    I love the afghan and the shade of green so pretty and fresh

  2. Ha Ha!!Tracy this is so great. I am so lovin my bikini clad little sock monkey. I think she may be thinking about next years Sport Illistrated Swimsuit issue!!!! Love her. Thanks again. She has a good home.

  3. No way! That's a first! I think you are setting a bad precedent for Pinterest though if you are going to actually make the stuff. Seriously, that is so cute. I gotta check out the bikini monkey now.

  4. Look at you go! What the heck am I doing at night while I'm watching TV. Nothing. Nada. Zip. I can't believe you've only been crocheting for a few years and are able to whip up afghans and hats and bikinis and coffee cozies and camara strap covers! Your afghan is gorgeous, and you are going to be the envy of all bloggers with your stylish strap cover. Just be sure to wear a shirt underneath.

    And I wouldn't leave the mark on one of your newly painted walls. Be wise and choose a wall that you'd like painted in the near future!

    That Kris is a natural born monkey stylist. Who knew?!

  5. Well of course I pin more with my ipad than I make too. I'm off to see some monkey business.

  6. That monkey just gave my husband the come hither look when he walked by.


  7. It was so sweet that you made a bikini for Kris' new sock monkey. She and Wilhelmina should go cruising for guys together; they're a couple of cute babes! Congrats on finishing your pin project camera strap. It's very cool, and I bet it gets lots of attention when you're out and about taking photos. My daughter made me a strap for Christmas out of canvas, and every time I reach for my camera it makes me happy. I bet yours does too!

  8. If I made everything I pinned I would have to work round the clock for thousands of years! LOVE the sassy camera strap~!

  9. Yay for you! I keep telling myself that I need to start actually making rather than just pinning.

    How did I never think of making a cover for my camera strap - it's always irritating my neck. That will be my next project.

  10. Great job! I love the idea of a cover for the camera strap....your's is very pretty!

  11. What will you think of (and make!) next? I left a comment about your monkey business over at Kris' place yesterday or whenever that was. You girls and your monkey making and bikini stitching is a huge hit! I'm sorry you've been suffering from mouse elbow. If it helps, I do think it beats lizard lips. Who knew researching genealogy could be so hazardous! I've never had mouse elbow that I know of, but after reading your poster (so cute!) about all the steps to use the computer correctly, there isn't a doubt in my mind I'll be suffering the same fate soon. However, it will be as much from the power of suggestion as due to poor mouse manipulation. I get sympathy pains.

  12. Your crochet projects are fantastic, congratulations!
    I visit great blogs as yours at night and Pinterest too, the only problem is...waking up early for work!!
    Besos! Silvina

  13. Your crochet projects are gorgeous. I love to pin but never seem to make anything I plan on "making" that I pin. You get a gold star for actually making some projects you pinned. You go girl!

    xo Danielle

  14. Love the camera strap crochet-it's perfect and aqua. What more could you want? Th afghan is really nice too. You can't have been pinning all that time.At least you got a few things made.That's more then I can say. Good for you!

  15. I lovethe camera strap! Aqua is my most facorite color :) Your blog is so fun! I have had so much fun going back and reading your posts :) The sock monkeys are sooooo cute!! I have two children that love monkeys, lol. They would love yours! Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting my blog!

  16. Hooray for you!! Are we suppose to actually make something from our pins? LOL Your camera strap turned out really cute. Yes, that Ipad really is handy to have on the night stand after everyone is asleep!!


  17. Your work is just lovely! I have to make my sock monkey. I have the socks sitting on the table. I wonder what I will call him...


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