Do's and Don'ts - Furniture Refinishing

Ana White
 Do have professionally coiffed tresses and make up, perfectly manicured nails, crisp and spotless attire, and that come-hither look so natural to all Queens of DIY.

Me, circa 1981
Don't wear the only pair of rubber gloves you can find if they're XXL, then drop the can of stain straight down on the concrete and try and catch it before it hits the ground (therefore finding your face inches from the can when it hits). Trust me. It's not good.

This is my first post for Tongue-In-Cheek Tuesday; thanks for the invitation Bliss.

So many faux pas in my repertoire to choose from. Thankfully they don't all have photos to document them, like this one did. I stripped the white paint from my great grandmother's dresser and was staining it a dark walnut when I made this classic move. Lots of scrubbing with a stiff brush and soap and it still took weeks for the stain to completely fade. Nice.

Thanks for visiting -- and be careful out there. 


  1. uh oh, thats not good, not good at all, funny but not good! lol, such a cutie even with the stain!

  2. And here I have been refinishing my furniture ALL wrong! Next time, perfectly coiffed tresses, yessirreee

    Great image of you BTW!

  3. Sorry, Tracy! That's happened to me before! Once with paint and the other time with fresh cranberry sauce...a half gallon of it. Wasn't pretty. LOL

  4. My laugh of the day...I will have to remember not to do that...

  5. I am a huge fan of whoever it was who knew the importance of getting that shot! Love that you have that on film. By the way, I had those same shorts back in the early 80's. (a red and a blue pair - they were that cool!) So, has anything changed through the years? Do you now refinish furniture with more grace, perhaps a manicure - and the come hither look? (love that part). Too funny!

  6. I like your "Bite Me" look better than the come hither look anyway! Hehe. I can hardly wait for those shorts to come back in style. For women AND men! Then the whole CFC clan can do a DIY post together.

    The only thing missing from this post is the music. I'm too sexy for these shorts, too sexy for these gloves.....

    So. What DO you wear when you stain these days? One of your crocheted bikinis? And a big floppy sun hat with a visor? Do tell. :)

  7. Oh that is hilarious! Come hither look...lmao! So glad you joined in!

  8. LOL - part of the job!
    But your tresses look magnificent in the first photo!!!
    Glad you joined!

  9. LOL!!!! I had those same shorts in green and a pair in an ugly yellow/orange color. But I never caught any stain with my face and I look just like Ana. NOT! Ah ha ha ha ha, come hither look, yeah I'm using that next time I'm painting, we'll see how far it gets me. Ah ha ha ha ha.


  10. Ha Ha! I always get my hair done before stripping furniture-doesn't everyone? Cute and funny post!

  11. You were just ahead of your time with your self tanner in a can. I imagine you were pretty sticky though.

  12. You did it just backwards Tracy. You put paint on the stained wood not strip the paint and then stain the wood.


    I laughed so hard when I scrolled down and saw your photo. I love the look on your face, which seems to me like you're trying hard not to smile. This is priceless.

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  15. those were some hot 1981 shorts you were sporting! you were so stinkin cute (just like now minus the stain right??) ♥

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  18. Well, come hither looks aside, Ana White has done a lot to get people building furniture and tackling home projects.


I really appreciate your visit and comments! :)