Paranormal Portraits Mantle 2012

New, and maybe improved for 2012, here is my paranormal portrait mantle. I added two new pictures and therefore needed a bit more elbow room. Set up was a bit tricky on our wafer thin mantle, but we haven't lost anyone over the edge yet. A near miss on installation, but that disaster was averted by a quick moving 10 year old. We had the pictures up and ready for the annual party on the 19th.

Eight giggly girls kept me busy Friday (said girls AFTER some major fun on PicMonkey -- the moustaches and fangs weren't added in). If that wasn't enough Mr. CF and I installed hardwood in the master bedroom on the weekend. 

Well.... this isn't really our bedroom, but I assure you it looks darn good. This was our third -- and smallest job ever but somehow my body feels like I just laid hardwood in an arena. Ouch! I did manage to get my legs moving and set up the tripod and take some photos of the 2012 mantle.

My favourite new addition is this cute photo of my Dad, my Aunt Marlene, and their dog Micky. I think this would have been taken around 1940.

The other new photo is of my great Aunt Marie and her husband (in the fur coats). I had to add another string of lights for the two extra pics. I think next year I'll add another new photo and do two displays. On a deeper venue.

The parents that were picking up their girls on Friday after the party quite liked our Paranormal Portraits and were surprised to find out they were all relatives. 

Macy was a big help this weekend. She cleaned up the whole kitchen after the party, rearranged the counter displays AND added to our Halloween decor. Can you tell that we purchased the Madagascar 3 move this week? She also made us lunch on both Saturday and Sunday so we didn't have to stop working to make a bite to eat. A big thank you too to my mother-in-law who arrived Saturday morning with her crock pot loaded with roast, carrots, onions and potatoes. All we had to do was plug it in and we had supper Saturday night. It was really nice to wake up this morning to new floors. Next job is the whole main floor. Just don't tell my body.

An early evening view. For the original source and the link to the instructions you can check out an earlier post here. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Well, I have to say Micky is my favorite paranormal "relative" of yours! Those eyes!!!

    And that is one scary looking crew you entertained at your house! I wouldn't have turned my back on them for fear of a bite on the neck.

    Whew! For a split second I thought those really were the floors you installed. I was ready to call our floor guy up to cancel the date and send you a ticket to MN instead. Macy can come to do the cooking and cleaning while you and your hubby refinish our floors. I'll supervise. I can't wait to see your finished floors!

  2. Tracy, you clever girl you. Are those orange lights poked through eyes in the frames?

  3. Your mantle is the perfect blend of tres chic and Halloween creep. I love those eyes! I can only imagine the giggling that went on while working with PicMonkey. My hat is off to you for surviving eight giggly girls in one room!!

  4. I just love your Paranormal portraits. I may just have to try this next Halloween.

  5. Spooooky! I used to have nightmares about shining eyes when I was a kid. This would unnerve me in my house lol! The Picmonkey shot is hysterical. I'll bet that was a lot of fun...8 giggly girls! Have a great week.


  6. Those portraits are great and it sounds like the party was a success. I can't believe you went straight from playing host to installing hardwood flooring. You must have a lot more energy than me.

  7. Your mantel looks awesome! Sure brought a smile to my face! Thanks for stopping by my ideas house post!

  8. That is one incredible project! Make that two incredible projects. The portraits and the floors! Amazing accomplishments. Thank heavens for helpful children and in-laws! The power of food at the ready during a project is not to be underestimated! Also, I was interested to hear you had a great Aunt too!

    That mantle is really such a cute idea. The two women third from the left are my favorites, I think. But the guy on the end has an amazingly piercing look on his face. I look forward to seeing the glory of your floor installation sometime. Great work!

  9. Your paranormal photos are such fun!! Love them.

    Did you wear knee pads when you were working on the floor? I think that's the only way I could handle it.


  10. Just fantastic!
    Of course I'm going to your earlier post, I want to know more about those terrifying eyes...
    Besos, Silvina

  11. Love the paranormal portraits, you're so creative!! Love how the mantel turned out!


  12. What fabulous creepy Halloween photos. These are amazing.

  13. oh my gosh that is so cool, looks great!!
    I have had to rejoin as a follower, my old blog was hacked, I hope you have a wonderful weekend,


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