Owl Be Thinking of You

It's been a busy week here at the Crow's Nest. We celebrated our Canadian Thanksgiving over the weekend with not one, but two delicious dinners (and lots of laughs) with family. I finished my big family photo wall(s) for my mom on Friday. Now it is on to thinking about Miss M's annual Halloween Party.

I've also been thinking about a friend I have made through blogging who is busy too. She's working, watching grandkids, and helping her Mom who is having some health issues right now. It's a joy to connect with people over the internet. I have made some good friends in the last few years. People I may never get to meet in person, but whom I think of every day. And care about.

So these little Owl Mug Wraps are for She. And her Mom. Perfect for keeping your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate toasty warm and your fingers just the right temperature. They will be in the mail today and will fly across the continent to arrive with get well wishes for Grandma M.

I use this pattern with a couple of tiny changes. I use Bernat Softee Chunky yarn and a G hook. I also single crochet along the top and add a HDC, DC, TR, DC, HDC, SC, repeat for ear type thingies above the eyes. 

Thanks for stopping by and for being part of this blog world where we can create, share, laugh, inspire and support each other. It's a good place to be.


  1. Cute owls Tracy. I like the folkart pumpkin head man too.

  2. I love the owls...I love the kindness in sending them on to a friend. I love finding out what you are up to as it always has a little fun mixed with heart....have a good week...and hey take yur cold back north,its chilly in Texas....LOL

  3. Tracy, what a very sweet gesture! I just love these darling owl cozies!
    Happy Thanksgiving. We have celebrated many Canadian Thanksgivings... my brother-in-law is Canadian.

  4. Tracy,
    The very first photo made me smile when I saw the owl cozies. And then you made me cry. Thank you for your kind words and sweet gestures. I look forward my daily chats with somebody who "gets" me. With those adorable owls as company things are bound to turn out okay. :@


    1. My dear Vickie, by all means I'll make you some too. KIDDING! They are on their way to #911; thanks for 'getting me' and for all the laughs. Hope the cozy will give your mom a smile. If she can't have tea or hot chocolate it can always be a soup mug cozy! :)

  5. Whoooo has such a nice little display? Youuuuu that's whooooo.


  6. Those owls are darling. I might have to make one for my nephew (just born) whos mother loves owls. Thanks for the idea!

  7. Sweet, meaningful and adorable. I have never seen a mug cozy (am I just out of touch?) but that is just the cutest. You are always up to something with heart and soul to it, not to mention, a large dash of "clever" and "style"!


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