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Funky Junk Donna's  Saturday Night Special theme this week is Mason Jars and I can't miss that. I have always loved mason jars... our daughter's name is Mason and although we didn't name her after the jar, you might think I did if you saw my kitchen. The turquoise jars with MASON on them are extra special around here. Another of my favourites is this large jar that Ball made for an anniversary. I spotted it in Target on a trip to Montana a couple of years ago and it had to come home with us. It received a nest and eggs for spring but it usually keeps oodles of marshmallows at the ready for rice krispie treats or s'mores. Max's treats get the Bon Bon jar.

My great grandmother's Sunbeam usually sits where the mason jars are now. I like seeing the eggs in their new spot -- it reminds me that spring may arrive one day. We got a wee bit more snow last night so I'm not holding my breath. Mr. Pillsbury Doughboy was a 1979 mail in offer I got when I first moved out on my own; he's been in every kitchen since!

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  1. Now, I've been catching up. I had no idea Macy is really Mason! How cool is that! Everybody is collecting jars with her name on them!

    And Doughboy and you share quite a history. Oh, the stories he could tell. :@


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