Fairy Garden in the Snow

I hope the fairies are all tucked in tight for the winter...

because apparently it has arrived.

I'd like to imagine they're dressed up warm and churning out snowflakes...

We couldn't believe how light and fluffy the snow was last night.

Plenty of snow diamonds for everyone.

This morning the fairies can only peek out the top floor windows.

If I were a fairy I'd be tucked in with hot chocolate, a warm quilt,
my furry pets, some good history documentaries, and lots of crochet.

What am I thinking hot chocolate?

Diet Coke is perfect for all kinds of fairy weather! 

Stay warm and cozy wherever you are this weekend.

**If you'd like to see what our Fairy Garden looks like in the summer, click here.

November 11, 2012
Remembrance Day

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  1. somebody better give those fairies a shovel!! Beautiful photos and I have always loved your Fairy house, its just perfect!

  2. Your fairy garden house looks like an enchanted winter ski lodge in the mountains. Do DB and Remy ski? Silly me, of course they do. And the fur trimmed teal colored sweater is such a good color on you! You need to crochet yourself a few more while your sipping on Diet Coke.

    Sweet graphic of the little snowmakers! They must be mighty busy up there, 'cause we only have a light dusting of flakes.

    Happy weekend!

  3. Teacher, could you change the "your" to you're sipping? See what happens when I'm not supposed to be blogging. :@

  4. Soooooo glad we are not getting that white stuff here. My husband is deer hunting and I would have to shovel, cause I can't or won't use the snow blower. Love the fairy house. I must have missed it last summer.

  5. OK you have snow and today we had 80 and wind....got to love our world....some where it is snowing diamonds and dream and another spot the wind is blowing leaves and warm enough for short sleeves

  6. The fairy house is so adorable in the snow. It's so cute peeking out. It's still in the 70's here-I need some cool weather to get me in the fall spirit!

  7. I hope the fairys are stuck in the snow and can't quite make their trek to Minnesota to start their flake making.


  8. So that's what fairies do in the wintertime! Somehow I just think of them as being summery and dancing through the flowers, but I guess they do need a winter job!!

  9. No snow down here yet, but it is pretty to look at. Love that Diet Coke image!

  10. Beautiful! Love the turquoise trim of the house and the snow flurries in the background!

  11. Wow, you really have a lot of snow already. Such a nice little garden-house. Nice photos.
    Hi from far away; Sweden:-)

  12. Oh boy, your talk of Winter Diet coke brings back a fond memory of walking the streets of NYC with my sister on a fantastic icy cold trip we took in January of 2001. Now, remember, I'm a South Florida girl. On our last day there after days and days stopping in overheated stores and restaurants drinking hot drinks as we walked, I was desperate for a diet coke. We finally did it an bravely walked the cold streets with ice cold Diet Coke in hand. I think we have a picture of it. I should find that. We turned it into some sort of iconic magical moment in our minds. Coca cola products can do that. I drink the real thing now, not diet. But it used to be my numbero uno.

    As for your poor little icy fairies, I hope they don't get completely buried alive. That is some pretty and fluffy snow you have there. Maybe you will see them out sledding soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

  13. What beautiful snow has fallen in your garden. We so rarely get any snow so it's always a novelty to see photos of it - I love your fairy house! J9 x

  14. Your snowed in fairy house makes me smile. What a cute Christmas card photo! We used to live in the mountains where the reality of deep snow trumped all it's beauty. Glad to be "on the flat" and close to family. Lovely post, btw.

  15. Your snow is beautiful, all light and sparkly. My favorite kind.

    I am such a miniature fanatic and loved seeing you have a home for the fairies in your yard.

    Speaking of history documentaries, the one on The Dust Bowl happens here soon )the 18th & 19th), but it's on our Public TV. Can you guys access it there? I wonder.

    Oh, and the Diet Coke art is perfection. Love it.

  16. I was in love with your fairy house in the summer and now it's covered in snow. So magical and pretty!! Thanks so much for sharing this at Simple & Sweet Fridays. Have a wonderful week!


  17. Ah, snow - I remember that that! Nice pictures!

    Cheers – Stewart M – Australia (but not when I was younger!)

    PS: in case you are wondering I have hopped over from one of your comments elsewhere in the wild world of blogs!


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