Always Been a Fan of Turquoise...

I found one!
A turquoise fan. I have wanted a retro fan forever. I've always loved turquoise. Way before it was cool.
Well, it was cool back then too...

March 1969
This is the 1963 house I grew up in -- it is in the same city we live in now. Our kitchen was turquoise too. 

The trim on our holiday trailer was turquoise...

See... I come by it honestly.

Pinterest Source
The funny thing is that I just Pinned this image 6 weeks ago because I liked it.

I didn't even realize until later that it was identical to mine. It still works, oscillation and all. We'll just keep it unplugged and perched up high in case little people come by. We don't want anyone losing a digit.

It goes perfectly with my retro fiesta wear platter, found on a little holiday to Montana, and vintage vase, a gift from my dear vintage neighbour Louise.

This little cutie on the front step is Louise
with her mother in 1944.

The photo is of my mom and two of her sisters on the first day of school... circa 1950. The window was a gift from my next-door-neighbour Geri. She knows the kind of good stuff I like. I love the little sliding window in the center. It still slides.

Zinnias, Shasta Daisy "Ice Star", Lady's Mantle blossoms and Yarrow from my garden. Both of my grandmothers crocheted and I love neutral crochet thread a la thrift store!

This cupboard, one of my favourites, was built by my great grandfather Sid as a linen cupboard in the early 1900's. I painted it about 20 years ago when I was lucky enough to receive it. It was originally black, then gold, then light blue. I love the extra storage it provides.

The train step was my grandfather's. Now it is Max's step so he can peek out the window to see what's shakin' in the neighbourhood.
(That's why the blind is raised too.)

Great Grandpa Sid the cupboard maker, Great Grandma Eliza Anne, and Grandma Gladys circa 1922. This would have been the second house the cupboard was in.

Everything here has a little story, except for the fan. I'll let that slide since it is turquoise. I'm a fan of that.

Thanks for stopping by. :)

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  1. What a great find - I love turquoise and love the stories behind this post!

  2. Your vignettes are wonderful, as always! You are so creative displaying things... Very nice stories and photos.
    I'm always looking for pink vintage appliances for my kitchen but you have inspired me, turquoise would be all right too!
    Besos from Argentina!

  3. I love that you share the stories about your vintage goodies - thanks for sharing! Love the turqouise fan!

  4. Your story is absolutely wondeful. Love hearing about all the furniture pieces. I too have some things that have stories behind them. So much more interesting than just buying something brand new. Don't get me wrong, I like new stuff too, but the older things just have some much 'history". I am in love with your little turquoise fan too. :)

  5. love this, bet you wish you had the car still how cool, the camper I love and love the story behind every house is the same way, a story behind every thing...and your fan I love, you get to start is't story for your family

  6. Oh my goodness, that fan was a great find! It looks like you found the perfect spot for it. I love it perched up there with that turquoise vase :)

  7. I love the family stories you included with all your treasures. It was delightful to read. Love the fan!!!

  8. "Cool" turquoise fan!! You found the perfect spot for it on your fabulous old cupboard. The only place I've ever seen a window like yours is at the A & W root beer stand where I worked when I was in high school. We would pass our food orders through the sliding window to the inside help. You could have some fun with that!

    The photo with the snowmobiles is so similar to the house we grew up in. We had a "Comet" car that looked just like your parent's car aind 2 Ski-doos, too. Yup, sisters separated at birth, fer sure.

    I love all the history behind your old pieces. It makes it so much more special when it comes down through your family. Even Max has a vintage train step. A dog with style!

    (I'm on my coffee break at work. No internet at home.) :(

  9. I love that color too-so fresh and in my opinion, always in style! Love all the stories of everything too!


  10. As I read this post full of the history of your loved objects, I couldn't help thinking what a wonderful record it will be for your daughter one day. Better be hanging on to this good stuff, Google.

  11. I love the stories on your pretty things. I love the cupboard your grandpa made and the old pictures. What beautiful memories. I also love all the turquoise!

  12. woow.I think that is a just Lovley colour :)
    Nice Post....
    and do not miss...




    it is FUN :)
    Håkan ( The Roseman)

  13. Oh that fan is perfection! I too am a lover of turquoise.

  14. Hi there...thanks for the visit and the sweet comment on my Great Room. So happy to find you and your beautiful blog!! Need to go peek around some more :) Chat soon, Laurel

  15. What a wonderful story and I love the old torquoise fan. Thanks for sharing this inspiring story and all your beautiful vignettes on Simple & Sweet Fridays. I want to thank you also for always leaving the sweetest comments on my blogs. You're the best.


  16. There's not enough time to expound upon how much I love, love, love the look of your cupboard with the turquoise and pink on top. That old window with a slider!? Sweet! I found that same fan at a flea market, but some dummy had spray painted it red. Horror! I took it apart to try and sand that off and see if I could get to the turquoise but most of the turquoise paint goes with it. Just love those stories and the old photos too!. Always.


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