Hot Diggity Dog Bed

Like most dogs, Max likes to be wherever we are. Or more specifically, wherever I am. Mr. CF calls him my boyfriend. Max doesn't get to come up on the furniture, but I like to have him snuggleable, so I decided that I wanted to make him a raised bed. Finding the appropriate end table (in my price range) took even longer than finding a spice cabinet.

Luckily I had my two assistants with me when I found one this week. It was $15, marked down from $25. It still seemed a bit steep, but was solid wood,
so we brought it home.

It didn't have a mark on the top... until I had Max try it on.
He is not much for slick surfaces and clung on for dear life.

I thought I wanted it white... until it was painted. Ho hum. So I had a custom shade made at my local paint shop from what was in our leftover paint cans. I used a bit of Meeting House White, from the beadboard in the kitchen, mixed with Sea Life from two of Macy's bedroom walls. One was semi-gloss and the other eggshell, but they were both Behr Premium Plus Ultra and it worked just fine. Painting in the heat was a new experience... usually we are waiting for it to be warm enough to paint. Here I'm hiding in a strip of shade between the garage and the deck. It was still much too warm to be painting -- but I was on a mission.

Now we can keep Max close and still have a surface for bevys and snacks... oh.
On second thought it might not be a good place to put snacks.

I found a bright coral bath mat on clearance at WalMart for $6. It's rubber backed and won't slip, gives Max a firm footing and cushy surface, plus I can toss it in
the wash. He loves his new perch and knows already that it is his spot.

I could use it for an end table too. With Max's permission, of course. 

For now it's Max's perch; he'll be able to have a bird's eye view and maybe get
in on a game or two when Macy and I are hangin' in the shade.
We'll keep the snacks on another table. 

** 'Hot Diggity Dog Bed' custom post title courtesy the lovely and talented Parade Marshal Vickie at Ranger 911. She should be busy right now getting her vintage bicycle decorated up and ready to ride in the Grand Jubilee tomorrow.
Thanks Vickie!

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  1. love this,my puppy is too big,he thinks the couch is his I have been thinking of doing a suitcase I have not sold and making it into a dog bed...If I do I will post...

  2. Ha ha!!! Oh, I think Max is looking very GQ posing on his elevated perch. The turquoise shade brings out the shine in his dark coat and gray accented beard. All he needs now is a smoking jacket and a pipe, of course.

    And his assistant is looking pretty cute in her pink chair. :@

    Woof, woof.

  3. well thats the cutest thing I've saw in a while, what a great idea, looks great too!!!

  4. Well Max sure looks content in his new spot! Loving my visit here I am your newest follower~ Hugs, Diane

  5. I can't stop chuckling over Max's new seat. He looks like he's been patiently waiting for you to figure this out and extremely happy that you did. Lucky dog!

  6. Thanks for sharing this cute idea on Simple & Sweet Fridays. Max is a sweetie!


  7. So cute newbie here from Ohio came over from Funky Junk Interior

  8. How clever! I need something like that for my Siamese cat Oscar. He loves sitting right on the mouse pad and stare at me whilst I use my computer.


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